Max is an avid skater and snowboarder. I always thought they missed out when they didn’t make his middle name “Max “There’s No Such Thing As Gravity” McVay. There will be a LOT more of these in future days.

Our third big dog as a couple, fourth dog total. This is Ollie. He came along after Shorty, the first dog Lance had when I met him (I am not sure what number of dog Shorty was for Lance… I have a feeling he would have been in the double digits as Lance loved dogs almost as much as his sons.) First was Shorty, then Samson, then Libby, and then Ollie. Libby was my first dog, and she was a little smooth fox terrier. Then we got Ollie, and now have him still as well as my little Jack Russell Terrier, Lucy.

Not sure when the one below was taken, but it was probably winter… pretty sure.

Cellphone free selfie.

Circa 2004 or 2005? Me, sitting on a log out at Eagle Beach,


Max <3

Noah and Max, at their mom’s wedding. Ones of them at Lance and my wedding will be coming soon.

Noah and the second dog we had during our relationship, Samson.

Noah, bringing it home.

Max, approx age 5? Super athlete already.

Lance, rescuing a turtle that had been in the middle of the freeway, when we went to Florida.

Max and me, at his 7th birthday party.

Noah <3

Samson’s nostrils, Noah in the back ground.



Our wedding day, October 18th 2002

ok yeah, I know these are not in order, but I still have 3000+ to go through soooo… Here is Noah sledding again:

Me (April) and Shorty

Max sledding

The boys before Lance and my wedding. Max was the ring bearer and Noah was the “Leaf boy” since we had an Autumn themed wedding so instead of flowers we had him drop leaves.

Yes, that is Max swimming in a glacial lake, no, we are not negligent parents. Kids up here, especially those born here, have acclimated. No really… we couldn’t have stopped him if we tried anyway… He has always been utterly fearless.

Christmas, about… 2003? Maybe earlier.

Max with Samson

Noah and those eyes!

Does this Smokey suit make me look fat? That’s me, April, in the suit.

and here I am in my USFS uniform walking the dog before work.

Max with Alaska Wild Cotton, which is not cotton.

I have a strange sense of humor.

Fishing pros… but please note: Max will NOT eat seafood. He will catch it, but not eat it.

Easter, 2003 or 2004?

Short-Rib “Shorty”

Computer geeks.

Noah colored this one for me.

This one is here because our dog Samson IS in it, but with a stranger and the stranger’s three dogs we met at the beach.

Asleep on the ferry after a boy scout camp out

Awww Sammy

Max has always had a singular and wonderful sense of humor.

Max also adores dogs

My first dog, Libby

Me, in bed, with Bukowski and dogs.

Happy Samson

We adopted all of our pets as adults, so sometimes we discovered personality quirks long after they came to live with us, such as the fact that Libby like to wear clothes

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