Photographer in DC Newborn

Photographer in DC Newborn is a small family run photography studio located in the heart of the Capital Region of Washington, DC. The owner and operator Rich Moore has been taking excellent pictures for many years but recently decided it was time to do something different with his photography. He acquired the rights to one of the most unique photographers in the world and set up his own studio in DuPont Circle. Rich’s son Alex took over management of the studio full time and Rich has now turned his photography practice into a full-time family business. Visit Here –


A lot of the work at Photographer in DC Newborn is done on “As Seen On TV” TV shows. Some of the images have been featured on CNN and ABC. As a matter of fact, several well-known celebrities such as George Clooney and Elizabeth Warren have used the services of a photographer during some of their publicity tours. The Newborn studio is constantly open to people who would like to take a look at the photography Rich provides. If you are considering getting involved with this kind of photography, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

DC photographers have to be very creative and hardworking at times, even under short time constraints. You will find that Rich has always had an eye for capturing the subject, but he has put his experience to the ultimate test by putting his camera in the midst of action. You can contact Photographer in DC Newborn at their website if you have any questions for Rich, or if you just want to check out the photography gallery they have online.