Fire Watch Guards – How Much Do Security Guards Save Your Business?

As you may have already guessed, Fire Watch Guards are trained specifically in detecting and extinguishing fires in a certain location. The training process varies depending on the establishment or company that requires guards. Most states require at least two years of experience before a person is eligible for becoming a guard. However, there are some companies that are willing to employ guard trainees even if they have less than two years of experience.

Fire Watch Guards – What To Expect In A Security Guard?

There are various factors that determine the eligibility of a person to become a certified fire guard. Most states will look at certain things like experience, schooling, experience level and the state of the employer’s certification. This means that anyone with less than four years of experience cannot be hired to be a guard.

Another factor that will determine if you are qualified as a fireguard is your educational background. The number of hours that you have studied about fire fighting is one of the most important factors that determine your eligibility. You must have passed an examination that tests your knowledge of how to handle emergencies. You also have to have received a high school diploma or an equivalent before you can apply for certification.

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