How Point Cloud Scanning Benefits Digital Photography

3D laser scanning stands for “depth of field” scanning. This scanning technique takes an object and produces a virtual preview of it in a thick slice, by using the principle of using a focused light beam that will pass over the surface and illuminate the area that’s not normally visible. This technique can be used in many different industries. You can use it for example to check if a piece of glass is damaged and needs replacing. It can also be applied to a piece of jewelry to make sure that the design isn’t being distorted when it is viewed under a specific light.

Best 3d laser scanning

3d laser scanning

Point cloud scanning involves creating a point cloud from a series of data points, much like a photograph. When the scanner is scanning an object, it is scanning the surface area that it can easily see. These data points are then compressed into a single file that can be viewed in a software program. There are many versions of this type of scanning, depending on what the computer or imaging system can handle. It is a great way to keep a computer’s memory and hard drive space free, which will improve the overall performance and speed of the computer.

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