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New entry doors are much more than a way to get into your house. They have become an important part of the home’s exterior design and security. The right new entry door will not only command attention enhance your property as security and keep it out of the damaging elements, but also improve your energy efficiency. The new entry door is often part of what is known as the thermal envelope, which comprises your house s interior walls, ceiling, windows and roof. These walls are sealed off from the outside environment and require adequate sealing to keep the inside temperature regulated.

Many new doors employ some type of new and improved technology that helps maintain an energy efficient building while enhancing curb appeal and increasing the curb appeal value. New entry doors can be made of insulated materials such as solid wood fiberboard or PVC with a traditional wood stain finish, while others offer a combination of wood grain and vinyl or steel grills. High-tech locking systems are also available, and new and improved “green” materials used in the construction of the front door frame as well as the hardware such as hinges and handle may contribute to your efforts in energy efficiency. With the combination of new and improved construction techniques, more doors with energy efficiency potential are becoming available to consumers.

For homeowners looking for a new front door that helps in energy efficiency, there are many doors with both new and Improved properties. Some examples include: – Sliding windows with double panes that have been equipped with energy efficiency glass. – Windows with air seals that have been treated to help reduce moisture build up and condensation on windows and sliding doors. – Casement windows that open outward instead of inward, contributing to better draft control. – Front entry doors that are double glazed and offer seal protection. To learn more about Energy Star products and other home improvement projects that contribute to energy efficiency in homes visit the Energy Star website.

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