PVC Blanket Heater

PVC Blanket Heaters is used to heat blankets, quilts and other thin layers of down, which is why they are perfect for commercial uses and can be used in industrial settings like garment manufacturers or factories. In order to produce quality blankets, many people use down for its high loft temperature resistance properties. However, while some people have successfully converted down into a blanket, others prefer to just heat the quilt itself. A PVC blanket heater can help with this because the PVC itself is a very efficient conductor of heat. The warmth produced by the PVC can easily pass through the PVC layer, which makes it ideal for heating blankets. Resource.

PVC Blanket Heater

Because a PVC blanket heater also acts as an excellent conductor of heat, these devices are great for keeping quilts at an optimal temperature for long periods of time. When wrapped round a section of PVC pipe with wire cable and plugged into a 120 V outlet, PVC Blanket Heaters allows users to easily bend and shape by hand without any danger of burning or damaging the PVC material. The PVC material is also very lightweight, which makes it perfect for commercial applications. Models F-3400 and F-3410 provide high temperatures of up to 2 on a cold winter morning, depending on the desired blanket temperature.

This heater also has the ability to maintain a constant temperature, thus ensuring that the blankets do not overheat when there is a sudden change in temperature. This is perfect for use in industrial, commercial and even residential settings. While the cost of such a heater may be a little higher than most standard blankets, the comfort and safety they provide make up for their slightly higher price.

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