The Best Sources of Info on Spiders in North Carolina

When most people hear the name “spider”, they usually envision poisonous black widow spiders and black recluse spiders, which are responsible for the majority of arachnophobia (fear of spiders). However, North Carolina is home to several other harmless info on spiders, including huntsman spiders, brown recluses, and others that inhabit the forests, woodlands and suburbs of the great state. Some, like the Carolina wolf spider, are dangerous and have serious medical conditions such as white-fly fever, but most are not harmful and pose no harm to humans. With this in mind, there are several sources of information on spiders in the state of North Carolina:

Why Do spiders invade our Homes?

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services web site provides a comprehensive listing of all North Carolina State Health department sites, including lists of physicians, medical facilities, and state agencies that provide specific programs for helping victims of spiders and related diseases. Similarly, the Online Explorer program at the University of North Carolina – Charlotte web site offers a spider quiz and associated list of resources. Additionally, the freely available internet is filled with information about spiders in the state of North Carolina. The best sources of information are those which are not commercial advertisements or spinoffs from the State or vendor and are supported by scientific research.

While it is true that spiders do cause a great deal of damage to houses, individuals, and wildlife, the vast majority of these creatures are easy to spot and rarely pose a threat to anyone. People should rely on popular knowledge – that there are many harmless spiders in the country – and leave the extermination of spiders to trained professionals. This is the most humane way to manage the presence of spiders in the home and is widely accepted throughout the country.

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